KiwiSaver and using the KiwiSaver trade marks

KiwiSaver logo and registered trade marks

KiwiSaver was designed to afford higher levels of consumer protection than other superannuation schemes. It is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help New Zealanders with their long-term saving for retirement.

Inland Revenue developed the KiwiSaver logo and has registered trade marks for the word "KiwiSaver" and the KiwiSaver logo (the Trade Marks). The Trade Marks have become recognised and trusted since KiwiSaver was launched in 2007.

Inland Revenue needs to take steps to ensure the Trade Marks are used appropriately and that this use is authorised. This helps Inland Revenue to:

  • maintain the integrity of KiwiSaver and stop the Trade Marks being damaged or diluted, and
  • prevent use of the Trade Marks that may confuse, mislead or deceive the public.

Continued editorial use

The media have been using the Trade Marks since the inception of KiwiSaver and in most cases have been using the Trade Marks correctly.

We would appreciate the media's continued support in ensuring the Trade Marks are being used correctly and so protecting their integrity. We have developed a set of KiwiSaver trade mark guidelines for the media to help clarify how the Trade Marks should be used.

Download a copy of KiwiSaver Trademark Guidelines - Media

May 2012 | PDF | 8 pages | 142kb

We have also made images of the KiwiSaver logo available for download here to ensure you are using correct and high quality images. These images are purely for use in editorial (non-commercial) articles and news coverage and should only be used alongside editorial content about KiwiSaver.

Download the KiwiSaver logos

If media have any queries about your use of the Trade Marks, the guidelines or the images in specific media outlets, please contact us at