Joining through your employer

You can join KiwiSaver through your employer by asking them for an employee information pack and completing a KiwiSaver deduction form.


Once you choose to join KiwiSaver, you can't opt out.

Month 1
When you decide to join KiwiSaver

Ask your employer for a KiwiSaver employee information pack (KS3), if you haven't been given one already.

Complete the KiwiSaver deduction form (KS2) in the KS3 pack and give it to your employer.

Clipboard tick
When you next get paid

Contributions will start to be deducted at your chosen rate, and

your employer contributions will begin.


KiwiSaver member Money transfer



Employer Money transfer


Once your employer sends your details to Inland Revenue

You'll be provisionally allocated to a scheme - either to:

  • your employer's chosen scheme, if they have one, or
  • a default KiwiSaver scheme.
Scheme building
Within 3 months of your first contribution being deducted from your pay

You'll have the option of choosing your own scheme.

Inland Revenue will hold on to your contributions and your employer contributions, and pay interest on them.

Inland Revenue
Month 3
After you've been making contributions for 3 months

If you've chosen your own scheme, you'll be enrolled with them. Otherwise you'll be enrolled with the scheme you were originally allocated to.

Inland Revenue will then pay in to your account your contributions and your employer contributions that have been processed, with interest.

Inland Revenue Money transfer Scheme building