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Savings suspension

Once you've been a member for 12 months you can take a break from saving called a savings suspension.

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Moved house or changed your address?

Let your scheme provider know. See a list of KiwiSaver providers and their contact details

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Opting out

If you're automatically enrolled in KiwiSaver, you've got 8 weeks to opt out and have your money refunded.

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Problems with your scheme?

Find out more about making a complaint.

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Already in KiwiSaver

Find out more about making contributions, how to keep an eye on your money and how to make changes to your KiwiSaver membership.

KiwiSaver contributions

Everything you need to know about your contributions, your employer's contributions, interest paid by Inland Revenue and how KiwiSaver is taxed.

Change or stop contributions

You can contribute more, less, or take a break from contributing. Once you are eligible to withdraw for retirement you can stop contributions.

Tracking your contributions

Sign up or login to 'My KiwiSaver', find out more about the contribution process and what to do if your contributions don't match up.

Change your scheme

It's up to you who you invest your KiwiSaver money with and you can change your provider or scheme at any time.

Get your money

You become eligible to withdraw your savings when you turn 65. However, in some cases you may be able to access all or part of your savings earlier.

Situation changed?

During your lifetime there are a number of changes to your personal or work situation that can affect your KiwiSaver membership.

KiwiSaver benefits

KiwiSaver has a range of membership benefits including contributions from your employer and the Government, as well as help buying your first home.