Contributions holiday process

Your contributions holiday begins on the date Inland Revenue approves it.

You'll receive a contributions holiday notice confirming the start and end dates for your contributions holiday - you need to keep this notice.

If you've lost your contributions holiday notice, deductions are required until you get a replacement letter from Inland Revenue. Any deductions made during this period won't be automatically refunded - you'll need to contact Inland Revenue if you want them to be refunded.

Notifying your employers

If you nominate your employer(s) when you apply for a contributions holiday, Inland Revenue will notify them to stop:

  • deductions from your pay, and
  • employer contributions.

If you don't nominate your employers or have more than 3 employers, you'll need to show all of them your contributions holiday notice.

Changing jobs during your contributions holiday

If you change jobs during your contributions holiday, you'll need to show your new employer your contributions holiday notice.

When your contributions holiday is nearly over

When your contributions holiday has one month left to run:

  • Inland Revenue will send you a reminder
  • you can apply for another contributions holiday, if you need one.

When your contributions holiday expires

When your contributions holiday expires, Inland Revenue will ask your employer(s) to resume:

  • deducting KiwiSaver contributions from your pay
  • making employer contributions.