Financial hardship

Early savings suspensions may apply to people affected by financial hardship.

You may be eligible to apply for an early savings suspensions if:

  • you're experiencing financial trouble for reasons outside your control, and
  • this is affecting your ability to pay your KiwiSaver contributions.

Financial hardship is when:

  • you've underestimated the impact of being a KiwiSaver member on your financial circumstances, and cannot afford to pay your day-to-day living expenses, or
  • your financial circumstances have changed due to:
    • events beyond your control related to the repair or replacement of essential items such as your car or washing machine, where there are no reasonable alternatives
    • the cost associated with an illness, injury or condition suffered by you or a dependant
    • the cost of medical treatment or rehabilitation for you or a dependant, including costs related to pregnancy or modification of your home to meet special needs or palliative care
    • inflationary factors such as price increases, rent increases or interest rate rises
    • changes in your living arrangements that result in an increase in rent or a reduction in board payments received
    • involuntary changes to your or your partner's employment circumstances, for example:
      • a reduction in overtime
      • an investment that causes a reduction in your household income (such as a vacant investment property)
    • education costs for yourself or your dependants (excluding private school fees).