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Your contributions

You can choose how much to contribute. Find out what happens when you go on leave, receive a benefit or entitlement, or have a tax debt.

How much do you have to contribute?

If you're employed, you can choose to contribute either 3%, 4% or 8% of your pay. Otherwise you can agree your contribution rate with your provider.

How you make contributions

Making contributions is easy. If you're employed, contributions will be deducted directly from your pay.

Voluntary contributions

You can make voluntary contributions at any time, either directly to your KiwiSaver provider or through Inland Revenue.

What happens when you go on leave?

When you take leave from work, your contributions will continue or stop depending on the type of leave you're taking.

Benefits, entitlements and tax debt

Benefits, entitlements and tax debts can affect your KiwiSaver contributions in different ways.

Mortgage diversion

Members who registered for mortgage diversion before 1 June 2009 may be able to use some of their contributions to pay off their mortgage.