Significant financial hardship

If you can provide evidence that you're suffering significant financial hardship, you may be able to withdraw some of your KiwiSaver savings.

Significant financial hardship includes if you're:

  • unable to meet minimum living expenses
  • unable to meet mortgage repayments on the home you live in, resulting in your mortgage provider enforcing the mortgage on your property
  • modifying your home to meet special needs because of you or a dependent family member having a disability
  • paying for medical treatment if you or a dependent family member:
    • becomes ill
    • has an injury, or
    • requires palliative care
  • suffering from a serious illness
  • incurring funeral costs if a dependent family member dies.

How much you can withdraw 

You can withdraw

You may be able to withdraw the current value of:

  • your contributions
  • your employer's contributions.
You can't withdraw

You can't withdraw:

The amount you can withdraw may also be limited to a specified amount.

How to apply for a significant financial hardship withdrawal


Within the first 3 months of membership contact Inland Revenue or complete a KS5 form.

After being a member for more than 3 months

contact your KiwiSaver provider.


Contact your KiwiSaver provider.

What information do you have to provide?

You may have to:

  • show that reasonable alternative sources of funding have been explored
  • complete a statutory declaration about your assets and liabilities
  • provide other documents or information to support your application.