How your contributions are processed

It takes about 3 months for a KiwiSaver contribution to reach your KiwiSaver account.

Month 1
During month 1

Every payday your employer deducts KiwiSaver contributions from your salary or wages. Your employer will also forward a report to Inland Revenue for each payday that shows the contributions made. In most cases, your employer needs to send this money to Inland Revenue by the 20th of the following month.

KiwiSaver member Money transfer Employer
Month 2
During month 2

Your employer sends your KiwiSaver contributions to Inland Revenue.

We start checking that the information your employer has sent through is correct. It can take us up to a month because of all the checks we need to make.


Employer Money transfer Inland Revenue


Month 3
During month 3

We transfer your contributions to your scheme provider, including any interest earned, once we've made sure that your employer's payroll schedule is correct.


Inland Revenue Money transfer Scheme building