Keeping track of your KiwiSaver contributions

With 'My KiwiSaver' you can view all contributions paid to Inland Revenue.

My KiwiSaver keeps track of:

  • government contributions, and
  • contributions paid to Inland Revenue.

My KiwiSaver will only show the contributions when they have been processed from your employers payroll report. This may take up to 3 months from the time they are deducted from your salary or wages. You'll need to contact your provider if you want to know your overall balance and investment returns, and to see contributions made directly to them.

My KiwiSaver lets you:

  • see your account with Inland Revenue any time, day or night
  • update your KiwiSaver contact details
  • opt out of KiwiSaver
  • apply for a savings suspension.

If you've already registered for an online account at Inland Revenue's website, you can use your existing user ID and password.

If you're not registered, don't worry - it's simple. Register now

What you can see and do in My KiwiSaver

When you log on to My KiwiSaver you can:

  • view all contributions paid to Inland Revenue from:
    • you
    • your employer
    • the Government
  • see any interest Inland Revenue credits to your account
  • see when Inland Revenue transfers the money to your scheme provider (this is the effective date of any interest for the month contributions are made)
  • view and update your contact details
  • find out how to contact your KiwiSaver provider, and see a list of all current KiwiSaver providers
  • request an information pack
  • apply for a savings suspension holiday
  • opt out of KiwiSaver (if you were automatically enrolled, and the deadline hasn't passed)
  • track your requests (for example requests for an information pack or applications for a savings suspension), and see how they're progressing.

What you can't see in My KiwiSaver

My KiwiSaver doesn't show you:

  • any payments made directly to your KiwiSaver provider
  • the return on your investment
  • your overall KiwiSaver account balance.

You'll need to contact your KiwiSaver provider if you'd like these details.