Questions about your KiwiSaver contributions?

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There's an initial delay when you first join KiwiSaver, as Inland Revenue must hold your contributions for three months from the date of your first contribution before transferring them to your scheme provider.

Additional delays can occur if information is missing from your employer's report, or if the data doesn't match our records. In these cases, we need to follow up with your employer.

Employer contributions short?

While employee contributions are guaranteed by the government, employer contributions are not. We can only send your employer contributions to your scheme provider if your employer has paid the money to us.

Because of this, employer and employee contributions may not always be transferred to your scheme provider on the same date.

Employer contributions don't balance?

If you work for a large employer, you'll probably find that amounts showing on the statement from your scheme provider differ from amounts showing on your payslip. This is quite normal, and the amounts will balance in the long run.

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Does my money still earn interest?

It's important to note that while your money is with us, we'll pay 0.91% interest. This money is credited to your KiwiSaver account. Interest on employee contributions is paid from the 15th of the month your contribution comes out of your pay packet.

Interest on employer contributions is paid at the same rate, but the money must have actually been received by Inland Revenue before interest can be paid. It is paid from the first day of the month the employer contribution arrives at Inland Revenue.

How can I keep track of my contributions?

Our service My KiwiSaver gives you online access to your Inland Revenue KiwiSaver account. You can view all contributions that your employer pays to us, and see when we transfer money to your scheme provider.
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Example - a typical timeframe
Jess is a KiwiSaver member who's paid every week. Here's what happens to her June KiwiSaver payments:
3 June Payday - Jess receives her pay, minus her KiwiSaver contribution that has been deducted by her employer.
10 June Payday - the second KiwiSaver deduction for the month.
17 June Payday - the third KiwiSaver deduction.
24 June Payday - the final KiwiSaver deduction for the month.
20 July Jess's June employee deductions and employer contributions are paid to us. Our checking process starts.
20 August Our checking process ends. Jess's money, including any interest earned, is paid to her scheme provider.
Jess's KiwiSaver contributions from the first week in June took over two months to get to her scheme provider. It's not because anything "went wrong". It's simply because the KiwiSaver payments are part of the normal payroll cycle. But she did earn interest on all her contributions.