Going on your OE

If you join KiwiSaver and then go overseas for an extended period of time, you can remain a KiwiSaver member, but won't receive all the benefits.

Your contributions while you're away

When you stop working in New Zealand your contributions will automatically stop. You may need to contact your KiwiSaver provider.

You can make voluntary contributions at any time.

Your benefits while you're away

You won't receive the member tax credit while you're not living in New Zealand unless you're a:

As you won't be employed in New Zealand you won't receive compulsory employer contributions.

Permanently leaving New Zealand

If you permanently emigrate to countries other than Australia, after one year you can apply to withdraw your savings and close your KiwiSaver account. The member tax credit you've received since joining will be returned to the Government. You keep any interest earned on the tax credits.

If you permanently emigrate to Australia you can either leave your savings in a New Zealand KiwiSaver account or transfer to an Australian complying superannuation scheme.

If you decide to return to New Zealand

You can rejoin KiwiSaver if you're eligible.