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Providers & schemes

A KiwiSaver scheme provider is an organisation that offers a KiwiSaver scheme and is responsible for managing your savings in the scheme. You can choose your scheme and change schemes at any time.

Can't remember who your scheme provider is? Register for My KiwiSaver or phone us at 0800 KIWISAVER (0800 549 472)

About providers & schemes

Find out more about the types of investment funds available, scheme product disclosure statements, scheme fees and where to direct a complaint.

Choosing your scheme

You can choose which scheme to join, even if you're provisionally allocated to an employer-chosen scheme or a default scheme.

Changing your scheme

You can change your KiwiSaver scheme at any time, but you can only belong to one KiwiSaver scheme at a time.

What if your scheme closes down?

If your KiwiSaver scheme closes down, your provider should contact you and explain what your options are and what you need to do, if anything.

Moved house or changed your address?

Let your scheme provider know. See a list of KiwiSaver providers and their contact details.