What types of investment funds are available?

KiwiSaver schemes may offer several types of investment funds that range from conservative risk to higher-risk growth funds.

The return you get and the fees you're charged can vary.

Fund type What does this fund generally invest in?
Cash (low risk) Bank deposits and other fixed interest investments
Conservative (low to medium risk) A high proportion in bank deposits and fixed interest investments, and a lower proportion in growth assets such as shares and property
Balanced (medium risk) A more equal split between higher risk growth assets such as shares and property, and more stable investments including fixed interest and bank deposits
Growth (medium to high risk) A high proportion of shares and property with a lower level of bank deposits and fixed interest
Aggressive (high risk) Mainly shares

Many KiwiSaver schemes offer a range of investment funds with the option for you to invest in one or more of the funds. Some also allow you to set your own investment strategy.

All KiwiSaver providers have to comply with New Zealand law. They have to disclose whether they take environmental, social and governance considerations into account in their investment policies and procedures, and they have to comply with some restrictions on investments in weapons. For example, KiwiSaver providers have to comply with The Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 2009, which makes it an offence to knowingly invest in the development or production of cluster munitions.

The Sorted website provides more information on the various investment funds and their risk profiles.