KiwiSaver scheme product disclosure statements

There are a wide range of investment options available to KiwiSaver members. Before signing up, you'll receive a product disclosure statement that outlines everything you need to know about a scheme, including its fees.

A KiwiSaver scheme's product disclosure statement:

  • sets out the specific rules, fees, terms and conditions of the scheme
  • tells you:
    • how your money will be invested
    • who is responsible for managing your money
    • what returns you can expect, and
    • their approach to responsible investing (this includes their environmental and social considerations).

It is important that you read the product disclosure statement before signing up to join a KiwiSaver scheme. In fact, in signing the application to join a scheme you will be asked to confirm that you have read the product disclosure statement and understand the scheme's rules, terms and conditions, and the fees.

You might also benefit from independent financial advice.

Where do you get your product disclosure statement?

If your scheme is ... you get your product disclosure statement from ...
your employer's chosen scheme your employer.
a default scheme Inland Revenue.
one you applied to directly your KiwiSaver scheme provider.